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Flame / Color Creative Finishing

Mavericks : Pain

Another one from the archives.
My favorite from the virals that Teak made for the Mavericks clothing company.
I loved getting that blood to look gross as could be.

Mavericks : Torture

This is one from the archives.
Teak crated these virals for the Mavericks clothing company. I did finish and color, which could be considered, aggressive?

Rubios : To The Sea

Brand re-launch for Rubio's. I did conform, some color and some clean up on this one. It's always nice to work with such pretty pictures.

MLB : Thank You

A spot I finished for the MLB. A thank you to the fans that came out to all the games this year.
It aired during game one of the World Series.
I will be signing autographs later.

Roku : Merry Xmas

Christmas spot for Roku. Moxkat helps to justify buying a Roku for yourself this Christmas.
This was a fun challenge. When production shot the spots, the sun was shining. The spots are supposed to feel cold and wintery. Thanks to a fabulous grade by Spy Post, and the addition of some fog and snow, and breath fog, I think it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Google : Nexus 5

This was the launch spot for the Google Nexus 5.
I did a bunch of clean up and some screen replacements and a bit of animation for this one. It's always fun working for Google.

Feed America: Matt & Steve

Back when Cutwater was Cutwater, they trusted me to finish this Feed America campaign. A little clean up here and there. Some color and end title design. Nothing special, except for the content. Feels good to do good.

NFL : Leon Sandcastle

This is a spot for the NFL that I was asked to help out on for A52. It played during the 2013 Super Bowl. So yay for me. Mostly conform and a bit of clean up, with some screen and sign replacement. The KC neon in the bar was a beer ad, so I built up some fixes for those.

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