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Flame / Color Creative Finishing

Omaha Steaks: Dads

One of the spots directed by Errol Morris that I just finished over at Barrett SF.
There are lots more to see here:
Also, you can buy your dad a steak! Win/win.

MLB: Handshake

One of two new spots I got to put together for Barrett SF. These spots aired during the 2014 World Series.
Conform and lots of logo clean up.

BASIS: Peak Launch Video

This is the launch video for the new Basis Peak smart watch. Teak Digital was kind enough to let me put this together and do all the color and clean up. I think it looks so good, I might just buy one.

Mavericks : Pain

Another one from the archives.
My favorite from the virals that Teak made for the Mavericks clothing company.
I loved getting that blood to look gross as could be.

Mavericks : Torture

This is one from the archives.
Teak crated these virals for the Mavericks clothing company. I did finish and color, which could be considered, aggressive?

Rubios : To The Sea

Brand re-launch for Rubio's. I did conform, some color and some clean up on this one. It's always nice to work with such pretty pictures.

MLB : Thank You

A spot I finished for the MLB. A thank you to the fans that came out to all the games this year.
It aired during game one of the World Series.
I will be signing autographs later.

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