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Flame / Color Creative Finishing

Redwood: Just A Wall

I got lucky with barrettSF when they asked me to finish these bizarrely funny spots for Humboldt Redwood. Directed by Mike Maguire, and puppets by Legacy Effects. Plenty of cleanup and comps in here, but the best part is I laugh every time I watch them. Enjoy!

Brawny: Strength Has No Gender

To honor International Women's Day, paper towel company Brawny swapped its iconic Brawny Man mascot with powerful women. I was lucky to have a hand in finishing the spots for Cutwater/Misfit.

2K: WWE 2K16

How often do you get to work with your childhood idols? This spot from Barrett SF and 2K Interactive for WWE 2K16 puts the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 in the ring in the coolest way. I couldn't be happier to help out on a spot with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Dreyer’s: Frozen Custard

The guys at Misfit let me help out by cleaning up some packaging in this spot. I got my start working on Dreyer's spots, so it was nice to be working with them again.

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